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 They include ways to make your search screen spin a full 360 degrees, turning your image results into a game and getting the screen to go wonky.

 All you have to do is type in a specific term and hit ‘I'm feeling lucky’ to reveal the gem.


 Each secret twist is a spin on the famous page - sometimes created by users, other times by the search giant itself.

 Some you might already know, while others will be new to you - but either way, they should give you something to do other than work for 10 minutes.

The hidden game




HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Atari breakout' in Google Images

WHAT IT DOES: TURNS your results into a version of the classic 70s Atari arcade game Breakout.

The spinning screen


Spinning screen


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Do a barrel roll'

WHAT IT DOES: SENDS your screen spinning 360 degrees, in a nod to the term made famous by the 90s Nintendo flying game Star Fox 64.

Underwater Google


Underwater homepage


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Underwater Google'

WHAT IT DOES: BRINGS up a floating search box and all of your results go plunging into the deep, coming to rest on the sandy bottom of the ocean.

The playable guitar


Google guitar


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Google guitar'

WHAT IT DOES: TRANSFORMS the Google Doodle into a guitar, with pluckable strings. Was released to mark what would have been Les Paul's 96th birthday. You can also record 30second clips of your ear-piercing tunes.


The DOS version


A DOS version of Google
Retro ... even comes with dial-up modem sounds


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Google terminal'

WHAT IT DOES: TAKES you back in time to how Google might have looked back when it was a mess of tech speak. Pretty impossible to use but looks cool for a bit until you get bored and feel like you're back at school on a BBC computer.

The Sphere


The Sphere version of Google homepage


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Google sphere'

WHAT IT DOES: TAKES all of your usual Google fodder and spins it all in a huge sphere around your cursor.

Google mirrored


Upside down Google homepage


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'elgoog'

WHAT IT DOES: FLIPS your screen over so you're looking at it the wrong way around.

The Pond


Flip screen


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Google pond'

WHAT IT DOES: NOW use your mouse to create ripples across the screen, like one of those old PC screensavers.

The wonky page


Wonky Google search page



HOW TO GET IT: Search 'tilt' or 'askew'

WHAT IT DOES: THIS is probably how results look when you've got a hangover, anyway. Good trick to play on somebody's screen while they're away from it.

Google gravity


Tilted Google homepage


HOW TO GET IT: Search 'Google gravity'

WHAT IT DOES: ALL of your icons will collapse, leaving you able to toss them around the screen as if they were floating in space.

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